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I ask myself everyday…

Too much chatting, working, managing the class schedules, discussing notes and assignments with friends and teachers..and this is how each day ends. While coming back from university, I often feel as if my mind has lost, all its sense of serenity and peace. I am too much lost and enclosed in my nutshell that i hardly find time for that inner child inside me who constantly demands time from his busy mom.I keep advocating that even after getting everything in life, one must be thankful to Allah SWT for His blessings. At times, my prayers, my modest code of conduct and my constant advocacy of satisfaction and contentment doesn’t prove to be enough for my thirsty soul. I couldn’t find the answers of those questions that i pose to myself on the everyday basis.When everything is right,everything is going in perfect correlation with my needs and wants, then whats the reason of this unrest inside??